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    Application KONE Flow pour KONE Residential Flow


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    Application KONE Flow pour KONE Residential Flow

    What personal data is collected when I use KONE Flow app?

    Personal data collected by KONE depends on the services you are using with KONE Flow application. KONE always strives to minimize the amount of collected personal data. However, sometimes it is necessary for the functioning, safety and quality of the services for KONE to collect end-users’ personal data. When possible, KONE will pseudonymize or anonymize the collected personal data. KONE cannot for example see when or where you have used the KONE Flow application’s elevator call functionality, as this data is gathered only as randomized ID numbers and does not contain your identification information. Moreover, for many services, KONE offers also alternative methods to use the door opening and elevator call functionality, such as RFID key tags and traditional elevator call button. You may request more information on these options from the building owner or facility manager. For more information on how KONE is processing personal data relating to the KONE Flow application, please see the privacy statement in or through your KONE Flow app.
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